Charles instagram account hacked?

Warning: Possible Account Hack
Hey guys,
the instagram channel if Charles (cardano.founder) heavily promotes a site promising 60% monthly staking gains.
The account only posts pictures that were shared on twitter, some (like the heading home helicopter video, posted on Twitter April 23rd) were posted 2 days ago on instagram. If you message Charles, he instantly responds and automatically promotes, the mentioned site. Cardano.founder and the support of both claim to be a part of the Cardano Foundation. (Screenshots can be provided if needed)

Please check this out - I hope I am wrong. But I dont want the cardano community to be scammed by the founder of cardano with 500k followers.

PS: No other channel of Cardano or Charles mentions

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Charles does not have an Instragram account. So the account you are talking about is from an imposter.


Cant we do anything against the blue tick? If he scams Cardano users and even mentoins is a part of the cardano foundation?

Feel free to report it to Instagram.

This is a scam and has nothing to do with Cardano

The Cardano Foundation is not involved in that project, as i said its a scam.

Yes my friend, I get that. But I did not find anything relating in the internet so I wanted to share anything I found out so that someone can search this topic inside this forum and doesnt invest the hard earned money into a scam.
Thanks for answering that fast!


Guys, I sent some of my ADAs there for that staking that the IG account of Charles was promoting but after seen this post, I withdrawed everything back. Fortunately, all my ADAs are back to my wallet… so I am not sure 100% if this is a scam.
Neither I found enything related in X or other places about at all…

You were lucky if thats the case.

It is a scam. Charles has no Instagram.

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Charles posted a few times that he doesn’t have Instagram account.

If it looks like Charles Hokinson and it’s from Instagram, then it’s fake.


Stupid people never die out.

Please stay respectful here. Its your first post and you are posting something like that…

What I believe in is that if you dont take the stupid people with you on your way you wont achieve what cardano is aiming for - the revolution of the monetary system of the world. And as there are 50% in the world with an IQ under 100 you should not let a ‘verified’ instagram account of the founder of a cryptocurrency trick those people into losing their money.