Charles Interview to Finance Magnates


Great interview from Charles as always!

Love his answer to the Libra question and then his final quote:

“What motivates me?” Hoskinson said. “Look, I’m rich, I can do whatever I want. I don’t have to work. And so I have to ask myself, how do I choose to spend my time? It’s not worth spending my time getting yelled at on the internet or being called horrible names every day by random people or seeing my competitors being shaded by Coindesk unless there’s a philosophical purpose to what I do.

“The point is, for the first time in human history we’ve had a chance to change the narrative, how the world works for everybody and change it in a way where we get rid of the kings, rid of the presidents, rid of the power structures. It’s a major step in human evolution. So either I watch it on the sidelines, going fishing and enjoying my wealth or I’m a front row participant and I have some say in it.”


Great article, thanks for sharing!, it will be translated into spanish.
Agree with you, great final quote! :+1:

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