Charles Mic Flip Collection



Mic Flip 1



Mic Flip 2



Mic Flip 3






Haha… Only seen the top one.

One day it will fail… not sure how many he has done or the top one was his first major speech he did it at… But its a Boss thing to do starting out every presentation, a great unique brandable power move… Lets dedicate this Thread to track and record all future Mic Flips - lets see how long tha Charles can keep going, and if any variety will be added.


Next level: Through the legs.


Yeh the first one was super impressive. I am surprise the audience didn’t react lol


Maybe we can start a ‘Oh Boi’ collection, too.

I’ll start:


360 Flip is next!


How on earth does he do that with his left hand? It’s hard enough to pull off that stunt with my right hand,


wait what? I just realized he did it lefty and righty. His other mic might be a light saber.


A mic flip in is added :grin:


this is great!


I can see where this is headed… Every talk with a successful mic flip will see the ada price go up. Then someday he will drop the mic and the price will crash.


I waiting to see the flip from one hand to the other.


yes that would be a sideflip and a PoWoW (Proof of WoW) :wink: