Charles Wikipedia

Anybody have Charles Wikipedia page? If not, who can help to make one? Can I make or at least start Charles Wikipedia?

What’s stopping you? :smile:

I don’t know how. But, I give it a shot. ,:sweat_smile:

There’s plenty of info for editors on WP itself.

People have had problems with a Cardano page but I never heard of anyone doing one on Charles.

You may start a page, but remember that you need to quote a reliable source (e.g. some mainstream media).

Articles without references to authoritative sources are usually deleted.

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Well, let’s start within this thread. Anybody know Charles DOB? Education? Where he born?

Is he a real Mathematician? Is he a professor? in which University?

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You could start here:

I haven’t watched it myself but I believe this recent interview covered some personal stuff.

You need to bare in mind what @BigBossK already said, and cite sources for your info. Forum posts don’t count as proper sources. As I already said there’s a lot of guidance on WP itself. Start on that here: