[CHARY] Preview of CHARY voting system

Currently CHARY is running 24/7 since epoch #254 :partying_face: with the goal to donate each epoch to a charity.
Our policy is simple: we demand 5% of the rewards, which 3% will go directly to the charities, 1% will increase the pool pledge and 1% will be directed to further development of the website (btw charypool). After the development is reaching a desired state (see roadmap on the website) we will redirect that to charities (4%). And the last percent is meant to help to increase the pledge and make the pool more attractive and produce blocks - at least 1 per month. If this is also achieved then the this 1% will be as well added to charities, to reach the full 5%.

Since now this feature is missing from the website I would like for now, due to the lack of delegators to give the opportunity of the cardano community to be a part of the donations and vote for one of the charities in the next epochs.

Until now we gather information about different charities and we already donated to few of them (charities) and for picking them we’ve chose an online random generator. You can see the outputs for the epoch #257. Until now we’ve tried each epoch to donate to another charity and at least to each charity to receive once a donation from us, therefore we eliminated each charity that we already donate from the name generator.
Epoch #257 => GoFundMe & 20 ₳
e257-charity e257-donation

So now, we want to test a little bit the voting poll for picking a case. For the next epoch #258, we already generated the amount and charity: Save the children won - :partying_face:, as we can see here: e258-charity e258-donation

Now the only thing to vote on is just which case to donate to and for that we will pick 3 from the website.

The poll will finish on 05.04.21 at 21:00 (should be before the next epoch starts).

Child to support on epoch #258

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Check the results here => CHARY Pool