Chatbot for predicting crypto prices on a messenger – good idea?

Offtopic. Just wanted to share news about a messenger releasing a chatbot for making bets on crypto rates –

Now I was betting through the chat with ADM on future BTC price, as it is like the only possibility to make a bet now. But later, maybe they’ll also support … bot if the messenger’s community will ask that. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a regular bet bot for making bets on … price every five days?

It works so: five people make a bet during 4 days round time, and on the fifth day the bot distributes the betting budget among winners. More participants – the bigger reward for winners. The winner is everyone who predicted the BTC price ± $100, but for … they can make 10% as a win zone.

I love that though, join the betting to raise the reward budget! Or give me at least one reason why does this thing s4ck in the thread.