Chico doubling down on his hate for Cardano "Cardano EXPOSED! Stealing From Small Business!? Plus Others..."

Someone is mad at Cardano, yee Chico Crypto just doubling down on his hate

He is a known ETH maximalist and Cardano puts ETH 2.0 at jeopardy since it does everything ETH promised but hasn’t delivered in 3 years. ETH is about to run out of operating room due to wrapped bitcoin and defi, they cant scale. People will jump ship for Cardano and he knows this well in advance.


Not worth giving clickbait articles/media more clicks tbh … His hate (rather banking on sensitivity of crypto personnels) it well known - and his group moving from ~3000 members to ~40 members is a good indication of where he stands :slight_smile:


What group is that? But i can understand it tho. When i first come into cryptocurrency i liked him, it seemed that he did so much researched etc. But the more videos i saw of him the more i started to dislike him because i noticed how he manipulate things over and over.

Being a critic (Chico) is so much easier than actually being a creative (Charles,Cardano/IOHK/Emurgo) like you i have watched some good content from Chico in the past. Bless him though, he is worried as his loyalties rest elsewhere and he needs to take a long hard look and realise he’s not right about everything, the longer he keeps banging the ‘Hate ADA’ drum the harder it’s going to be to eat that humble pie, the progress of ADA has been more convoluted than originally planned (accepted) that doesn’t mean failure, it’s just what happens sometimes. Why does the sun rise in the east ? it just does, move on Chico

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just another moron. everything Charlies said was logical.
yes IOHK has 2.5bil, but devide to how many people employed there.

He is just jelious to Charlies. Also look how he looks like, he should be good actor in animation movies :slight_smile:

I would like to encourage everyone to stop sharing, watching or posting the videos anywhere, in particular here in the Cardano forum. And not because we want to censor it, but just because every click, every view and every share incentives him to make new videos. Please think it through.


I can agree to this… Chico was one of the 1st crytpo youtubers I found. And cryptozombie… Chico alone was the reason I never gave several projects, including Cardano, a chance. I will say that I have gained some good info from him as well, but you HAVE to do your own research. When I finally did my own research I became obsessed with the cardano project. It is the future in my opinion.


If you put “Crypto” and “Youtuber” in the same sentence you are going to get 100% bias information. Just look towards the future 5-10 years and it is very clear that Cardano will be leading the pack in reach, use and scalability. Criticisms will occur more frequently now that we are top 10 in the market cap. The third generation blockchain is about to kick in the teeth of the first and second generation and they will not go down quietly.

Without unity in the crypto world things will only get more personal and destabilizing.

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With this so much fud, it’s hard to think this is just plain ignorance and beef. They’re making the plays cause there is always that someone who listens to them and get persuaded.

My conclusion: they want in on ADA at a lower price so they’re trying to have people dump or slow the pump cause they still accumulating.

I for one like full disclosure and seeing from all angles, however in saying this, what was the motivation behind posting this video as its not transparent.

Here here…

Because it’s something that affect this community in one way or another.

By the very nature of the title of this article, you’re putting wood on the fire and fanning it, it serves no other purpose not even;

Thx my friend :vulcan_salute:

Yes i agree at the moment.
But not when i saw the video just after release and got a bit emotional about it (attacking Cardano).
For me it’s totally OK if this post gets deleted.

But at that moment i wanted people in the community to know what was happening.