CIP's and Ada forking potential

So from my limited understanding, The way in which Cardano aims to tackle sustainability is via CIP’s combined with the treasury system correct? Which I think it awesome but…

From my understanding so far, when a CIP is agreed ada will become forked depending on whether it’s a big change (hard fork) or small change (soft fork)?

My understanding in that a soft fork makes small improvements to the protocols but nothing too drastic, whereas a Hard fork creates a major difference within the system and the ‘currency’ will become separated into two parts, like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, correct?

So leading on from that basis, does ada have the potential to become Hard forked? or is IOHK going to implement a different or improved system? Because wouldn’t it be beneficial to the system and our community to avoid Hard forks? Because from my understanding of how that work wouldn’t that split our ecosystem into two sides? Such as what has happened with etherium and etherium classic? if so this potential for a hard fork in the future is extremely worrying to me…

Hope this question isn’t stupid, I’m still trying to actively improve my technical knowledge of how Cardano is going to operate, but from trying to understand this, this has highlighted something I’m extremely concerned about and was hoping someone could elaborate a bit on this topic

Please have read of the transcript

Scroll down to the time stamp : 01:01:29
Hope this explain a bit at basic


Little bit unclear, however when I combined your link with the treasury whiteboard video by Dr. Zhang ( I think it becomes more clear. So thank you for your link!

So basically then, due to the complex decision-making process that CIP implementation will have to undergo, any hard forks in ada will be a very high % of acceptance within the ecosystem.

Therefore we can comfortably say that because a very high % of the ecosystem will have agreed on the CIP then ada won’t effectively become split into two, but just move forward as a unified currency, but potentially losing some members who may disagree with the CIP but due to this small % but nowhere near enough to cause the currency to want to split into two.

Is this along the correct lines? I think I understand if so…

Wow I have to say the more and more I dig into the workings of Cardano the more exciting it becomes!! I also have to say how great this community is, everyone is very helpful and understanding!

“Ada will not fail” - Charles Hoskinson, 2018!