Hello there , my name is Tony, I have a question , when I go to my yoroi wallet I see on left menu at the bottom says Claim/Transfer , when I go there it says Legacy wallets created before Nov 29th 2019 can no longer be used, so I should create now Yoroi wallet and transfer from my old wallet to the new one by using 15 words of recovery phrase ? and also what about Ledger Nano X wallet? because I transfer my ADA long time ago after snapshot to my Ledger wallet should I do anything for Ledger wallet?
Thank You

Hey Tony,

The message only applies to the Shelley testnet. I accidentally made the same message appear in the Byron version of the extension also. For Byron, you don’t need to do anything just yet (but you will need to upgrade your wallet once Shelley mainnet is launched same as people had to do for the Shelley testnet)