Claiming only PART of rewards

The coincashew instructions explain how to claim ALL accumulated rewards, but not how to claim only part of them.

The commands that set the amount to claim are below:

rewardBalance=$(cardano-cli query stake-address-info
–address $(cat stake.addr) | jq -r “.[0].rewardAccountBalance”)
echo rewardBalance: $rewardBalance

But this just assumes taking 100% of rewards.

How do I specify an amount in lovelace?

I wonder if you can do this. Since in the Yoroi UI, it only allows a full withdrawal of rewards.

yes, I tried to withdrawn only part of the rewards but it is not possible.

Well that’s a bit shit and needs to change.

Can anyone confirm for certain that you can’t move only some of the ADA?

My 2 cents. The reward address cannot receive ADA from transactions. Complete withdrawal has utxo=0 => Ok. Partial withdrawal would have utxo>0 => Fail.