Cloud Computing Platform

So many of us use Cloud VM to host the nodes for our stake pools and we pay hefty price for it to Google, AWS and Digitalocean etc…
Why not a decentralised cloud on cardano. People can rent out computing power to other people who need it without paying to the big tech. It is great integration for smart contracts, it will cut the costs, give us real use case, help to decentralise the nodes even more as they wont be reliant on the big tech. Supply and demand and there is a demand for sure. Hope it helps and brings value to the project and the community but this could be big. For example Google charges like 50$ for a node, 3 of them 150$ to run a pool. This is for a low performance machine! The cloud computing is the future and we need to ride that wave, nowadays technologies evolve fast and tech giants aren’t as flexible as small players who can take advantage of new hardware. We could cut the cost a lot and make a real difference. Not sure if I got the technical terms right but you get what I mean. Thank you for your time!

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