Cncli-sendtip "Unknown API ID" error

Last night, I successfully registered a new user account on for my stake address including sending them a small amount of ADA. When I go to my profile page, I can see an API key.

I also installed the cncli executable on my block producer and created a pooltool.json file, which has my api key, ticker symbol, pool ID, port and host.

I’m noticing in the system logs for cncli-sendtip, it’s giving back an Unknown API ID error.

Pooltool json: {"success":false,"dev":true,"message":"Unknown API ID"}

I’ve double-checked my API key and all the other params in the pooltool.json. I also restarted the daemon systemd service.

Do you think has just not enabled things for me, and if I wait, it will start working?

The cncli-sync service is still not fully synced, but I don’t think this matters for the sendtip function call. I am curious how long syncing takes, because it’s at 86% and it has been running for about 15 hours.


It will take ~40-60 min

Now regarding the sendmytip script… are u using cntools or coincashew guide?

I’m using coincashew guide.

You are saying the full sync only takes 40-60 minutes? Wow, something must be really wrong with my cncli sync. My system load is off the charts. You can see the dramatic increase from around 10% before I started syncing to 100% + like it is now. It’s only synciing about 6000 blocks per minute, and still has almost a million to go.

hmm, I think it’s to much… What is the HW configuration of the server?

Aaa but for u it started from 0%? Hmm if I remember in my case it didn’t started from 0 … then perhaps it’s normal to take so much time in your case

Ok, maybe so. I’m running with decent specs… 30 GB RAM and 8 CPU Cores. I will try bouncing the cncli-sync service and see if that helps.

Any thoughts on the sendtip issue? Maybe I just wait till Monday to see if needs to do something?

It’s saying that something is wrong with the API key … which format has your API? Did u copied from pooltool account? Or maybe pooltool should verify and activate it? Could be a chance…

Yep, I have the dashes in the API key. It’s matching exactly.

I’ll figure out how to contact and see what they say. Maybe some config they need to do.

But u didn’t used <> inside the file right? Just “API-KEY”…

Yep, no brackets. :slight_smile:

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Just a follow up here regarding the “Unkown API ID” error coming back from the pooltool API.

I found pooltool on Telegram, Telegram: Contact @pooltool, and they had to tweak something in their database to enable my API ID. The cncli-sendtip calls began working immediately.

Another update-- my system load metrics on my BP node went back to normal, once the cncli-sync process completed. Now, I can run the cncli leaderlog scripts, which is pretty sweet. Too bad, I don’t have enough delegated coins to make blocks, though. :smirk: