CNT - Cardano Network Tools Python Library

Greetings, everyone.

Today I’ve released CNT - Cardano Network Tools Python Library

This is a simple Python library for exploring the Cardano P2P network.

I use it to analyze peers for staking pools, fetching peers, connecting to random peers and discovering new ones, testing network connectivity, speed and so on.

It currently implements most (if not all) the jormungandr networking interface.

I was using this internally for several staking pool tasks and decided to release it under my collaboration with

I hope you find it useful!


Woow, gr8t, but would like to see similar for Shelley’s cardano-node too.


New script added:

Continuously requests new peers from the network, sampling newly discovered peers’ response time. Appends results to a CSV file which can be analyzed using R, Librecalc, Pandas and so forth.

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