CNTOOLS ERRORS; file permissions for wallet and pools dir

Hey guys,

just looking for some help on file permissions.

mostly from moving files back and forth…iam not sure what the static permissions should be…they appear to change whenever CNTOOLS interacts with them…

preventing access to directories and throwing errors on wallet creation or wallet deletion.

from a decrypted state.

wallet error
permissions big

i did sudo chown -R d:d POOLNAME previously to change root to sudoUser

iam hoping to set these permissions to some standard that cntools likes.


also on




check from the root folder if u see any root owners
cd /opt/cardano/cnode
ls -l
cd priv
ls -l

also u can change for test the wallet permision
chmod -R 750 wallet (try with sudo if it requires)

but you know… are u sure that the user used is the right user? do you login with same user as u set for wallet/pool folder?


its says usr not root. :slight_smile:

chmod -R 750 wallet
and sudo chmod -R 750 wallet

are giving me 12 Operation not permitted errors.

change the permision also for priv folder
but when you login to the server… do u use same user usr?

yes always use same user.

i did port in some files from USB … deleted cold kes…then brought them from usb back up…was testing.

currently using encrypt not gap. until iam used to process

Did u run cntools - wallet - decrypt to unlock and decrypt the files?

Yes sir. I tried to decrypt and encrypt permission errors.

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this pic might help.
seems all are non root permissions.
does cntools alter permissions?


so i assume that ctools
locks the files into read only?

still wrapping my head around permissions (linux noob)

SOLUTION: sudo chmod 750 folderName works! (individually did all pool and wallet folders)

Hey alex,

re: offline workflow.

i did the initial start of offline workflow.

./ -o
generated wallet and pool.
when i got it transfered to BP…i noticed
the new wallet address was irregular.


should be addr1… !!!

good thing i noticed before i topped up that wallet.



its for test… did u download the files for test?

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i must have installed cntools with wrong option (testnet)

rm -r cnode
reinstall cnode using your guide.

thanks Alexd!