cnTools Modify Pool DNS A record format?

Due to a dynamic ip addres, I’m trying to setup a domain name for the relay using my account.
I’m using cntools > pool > modify
I’m not sure what format to enter in the DNS A record question.
I tried “” but it doesn’t like that.
I note that an A record “assigns an IP address to a domain or subdomain name”, but does the assigning job, so entering my (current non-fixed) ip address as part of a DNS record seems to defeat the object.


Inide cntools u have 2 options:

  • register Relay via IP
  • register Relay with DNS record

Did u choose DNS record?


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Yes, DNS record

can u attach a screenshot?

Got it to work now.
Rebooted / reloaded
Tried entering again in the DNS field - worked this time
Don’t know what was wrong first attempts, but ok now.
Thanks Alexd1985

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