error on start, "checkUpdate: command not found" (right after update to 8.2.1)

I recently restarted my producer node, but when I tried to start up cntools, I was prompted to download an update to the file. I downloaded it and then was met with the error ./ line 69: checkUpdate: command not found. I see that checkUpdate is some command or function, but an internet search doesn’t bring back any results

Well, I tried to load a cached version of, which returned a separate error about missing a command line tool. I then tried to run the regular cntools again and it worked fine. Not sure what happened or why it worked this time.

I just received this error also, did you receive it after running ./prereq script by chance? Where did you find the cached version?

Hi, the cached version should be in the same directory but with a character string at the end, i.e.,