CoinTourage (CNT) Why we are worth it

Hi All,

I want to introduce CoinTourage.

Our team has over 10 years experience in network architecture and have developed multiple SaaS and Cloud based solutions. We strongly believe in the success of Cardano and it’s world changing potential. That is why we don’t charge high fees and are looking to only cover the operating costs and make sure all other rewards go to those who pledge to our pool.

  • 99+% up-time using high availability AWS Cloud
  • Multi Server setup with 4 Core / 16GB Memory and 50GB High Performance IOPS SSD
  • Very high bandwidth (5Gbps) availability between external nodes, block producer and network mesh
  • External relay nodes configuration with fall over solution
  • Monitoring and Alerting with automated recovery
  • Additional server hardening and security
  • Automated backup & recovery
  • Ring fenced Private Block Producer

Lowest fee’s at 0.7% variables for at least 12 months guaranteed

Pledge to us on ticker : CNT
Pool-ID: 6677b2ac1ef702d2ef4e5f3d96b8ee5cb9126e7c015c2ac7099c680b

Find us on:
e-mail: info [at]

Thank you,