Collecting dust utxo through CLI

I saw that it had already been submitted as a proposal and that there are some workarounds. I have several utxo’s with 1 or 1,2 ada, you know the thing. It should be possible to combine/collect them. Does anyone knows a simple solution through CLI… maybe include when build the transaction, by modifying --tx-in (include more txhash), --tx-in-count? Or edit raw and sign files.

I know there is the minvalue, but It would be strange if it isnt possible at all.

Two other topics, not really what I want… just what I thought. Multiple --tx-in.

You can include as many UTxOs you want as tx inputs using CLI and send them to a unique receiving address. Fees might need a careful calculation, but this is basically how I’d do it.

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Thats what i thought too. Will try tonight and post some screenshots for other peeps at the forum. Thnx for your reply.

Made some pictures. As always Cardano rules… this was easy to do. I hope you see what I did. I spelled out the utxo and the address in full. I did that on purpose. @Psychomb Thnx again for the confirmation. Now I will do the others.

In this example I use 3 --tx-in, and 2 --tx-out