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Hello everyone, In light of the deal with the ministry of education in Ethiopia I got to thinking that it would be pretty interesting to see the same done in the US. I had the idea to “write to my congressperson”, the department of education in my state and perhaps local school districts. I may be just one voice yelling into the void but I thought maybe it would be worth the postage stamp / email.

Any thoughts or anyone who would want to participate?

I guess this could also be a project catalyst proposal in terms of an organized postcard mailing, if scaled appropriately I think it could get some attention.

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Hello @Chihuahua

I can’t speak for the United States, but in the world, your idea is far from an isolated voice:

Mamuka Bakhtadze is a Georgian politician who served as the country’s Prime Minister from 20 June 2018 until 2 September 2019. Georgia is a country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia.

Best regards

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Dear @Chihuahua ,

Fellow American here, and Disabled Combat Veteran. First, I love your passion and thank you for sharing your idea. I notice you focused on education, but my responses are general and political. Anyone is free to respond to this post!

It would be pretty interesting to see the same done in the US as in Ethiopia, I agree - but what exactly is “the same [thing] done” ?

I had the idea to “write to my congressperson”, the department of education in my state and perhaps local school districts.

If you or someone else took the initiative to further develop this passion, I would seriously consider participating, assisting, or supporting any initiative. Could you please elaborate on what exactly would be your points of contention?

It is my understanding: For the continent of Africa and other Non-US regions - accessibility, connectivity, and representation are the issues being addressed (from what I have seen or heard) - - - “Bank the unbanked” / “Connect the unconnected.”

What is lacking and what do you hope to bring awareness to within our governmental body? What do you hope to bring attention to that the big banks and institutions have not already?

Thoughts and feelings for discussion:

Politically Premature

Correct me if I am mistaken: I feel this idea is positive and with passion, but maybe a little premature. Politically, Americans are very divided (I feel) - especially coming out of the Trump Administration :roll_eyes:. Many times political arguments could go on forever and have no end. Many discussions can spiral into obscurity, thus clouding the waters. Plus, some disagree on a philosophical level :thinking:.

It seems to me that crypto and blockchain impacts all different sectors of national and global society - too many directions and too many possibilities - - - I feel the crypto and blockchain community need to define exactly what they intend to stand for as a whole or in part ----- and something deeper than a marketing statement “be your own bank” or some similar catchy phrase.

Focus on Education First

I feel education should be the focus with the community at this point. Misinformation and being misguided could spur unnecessary splinters in the movement or group. We are in the minority and the majority of individuals have no idea of the scope or reach of blockchain and crypto. Many arguments could be avoided with better understanding and education.

Money is Speech

I’m not touching this topic. But I’m assuming you are talking about lobbying or influencing the political system in some fashion? How we view, interact, respect, and use money - obviously needs to be addressed first. Both nationally, internationally, and globally. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Unified Voice

What does this voice look like? Who is speaking? Democrat? Republican? Independent? satoshi nakamoto? Other? Now, if you were thinking about creating a Political Party - that could be a possibility, maybe, I don’t know…

Ethnocentric Americans

As an American myself - I too, often have to remind myself that America is not the only place in the world. And “America First” is just a ridiculous statement in such a global world. It is possible that attention might become too much inward (my own country) and not outward (the countries around me).

This seems like a good side-project, but to me, not a very good Catalyst Proposal.

As far as YOU writing to your congressperson . . . . No one is stopping you :smiley:

I love your passion and idea - what could you “bring to the table,” as well? Is there anything you can teach us or share? Do you have any political experience or have you written to your congressperson before?

Thank you for your time, attention, and swift response to this urgent matter. I hope this helped - let’s continue this discussion!

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