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Anyone else looking forwad to play FIFA 19 on PS4?

We could have some sort of tournament in the Community :slight_smile:

Sometimes it´s good to connect on other topics as well apart from our beloved Cardano.

If there is interest on this I would be happy to co-organize the Tournament.


@tom.kelly @jonmoss any chance you guys play this game? :slight_smile:


I am up for it. No issues from here just need to start the tournament. It would be cool.



I applaud the effort but I don’t play.


I only play Pokémon go, and Nintendo switch but I’m thinking of getting a ps4 to play death stranding

Anyone on Xbox?

I have been playing GTA online and Elite Dangerous, and fallout

Edit: Adding NHL :slight_smile:

I would love to play Elite Dangerous. I was addicted to the original Elite series. Unfortunately I’m to busy to allow myself to play. One day…

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It’s a fascinating game. My dream is to play it in VR but Xbox doesn’t seem to offer compatibility. And I am too invested in the Xbox version to start over on a pc. Try it one day. You would be pleasantly surprised.

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I know I’d love it that’s why I can’t play. I’d get the whole Oculus VR rig. I was the guy who had a full thrustmaster flight control system in the 90s. Also love MechWarrior games of any stripe. I started a second business in the last couple of years and between that, my kids, and my crypto research I can’t afford the time.

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Mechwarrior is a great game! I also like Titanfall.

I know what you mean. I haven’t played in a while myself. Too many interesting things happening in crypto.

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NHL 95 anyone? Sega Genesis of course.
:grin: Good luck in the Fifa tournament!

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I’m down for some Fifa or NHL on Xbox. I love this community, but not enough to buy an entirely new gaming system :slight_smile:

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I have NHL but need to see which version. Word of caution: I suck at the game.

Edit: if anyone would like to try Fallout 76 this November, I am totally game. It’s the kind of game that would be a perfect fit for socializing. Check it out.

I’m pretty good at NHL, so that might not work out too well… I’ll look into Fallout 76 and see what what it’s all about.