Comparison of Ada wallets and exchanges

Fellow cryptostodians,

I started this comparison of Ada wallets and exchanges:

Feel free to edit it yourself or let me know if changes have to be made.

This comparison is (now) also referred to from the Cardano official help page :-:+1:


PS. I just made up the word cryptostodian (I think). A mix of a custodian and crypto hodler :slight_smile:


This is great Flippy, I’ll put a link to it on the front page.

Edit: You already did it! As well as some other stuff… good work mate! :grinning:



For Yoroi, I would argue that it indirectly supports: Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android.

  • Cardano support in the Ledger wallet itself is not planned, it’ll be through Yoroi and Daedalus. So I think there should be Ledger support and Trezor support columns.
  • I think instead of having a Browser extension column, Yoroi should be marked as supported on all platforms, like @emurgo_nico said.
  • Coinbase is not a wallet, they’re a custodian. I don’t think online is an accurate term to describe this, as all non-cold-storage wallets are online, like Yoroi or a regular Daedalus wallet. Coinbase and the Online wallet, Exchange, Key management columns should be deleted.
  • I don’t see a point to the Backup column, as all wallets offer private key backup via mnemonics.


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@emurgo_nico @hayamoto_jr,
Thanks for the feedback.

Hardware wallet: I moved Ledger and Trezor to a column.
Browser extension: Chrome browser extension indeed run on Windows, MacOS and Linux. So I added this information in the “Legend”.
Native: I added the word “Native” to Windows, MacOS and Linux to show if there is a native application for that os.
Backup: We could merge backup into the same column as key management.
Custodian: If the definition of a wallet is that you should be the only one that has 100% control of all the private keys then Yes - the Exchanges could be deleted. Those are the wallets with “Key management - Self”. But I think that the concept of a wallet is fading and merging. People don’t mean the exact same thing when talking about a wallet. (See Wikipedia “Online wallet”) So the collums also have Exchange, web based, key management and backup to see the actual differences, without trying to set a definition for “wallet”.
See Coinbase webbased on Windows:
See Coinbase on iPhone:
Exchanges: Additionally I added all the Ada Exchanges and also added the column Fiat.
As you can see in the Goggle Photo’s the Coinbase ‘wallet’ has cryptocurrencies and fiat (Euro in this case) currency.


Thanks for the quick update!

  • Yoroi is also planning for Ledger support. I think it could come even faster than the one for Daedalus.
  • Browser extension [Yes/No]. Google Chrome browser extensions work on Windows, MacOS and Linux. -> I would add Android. If you install the Yandex App, you can run Chrome extensions. There is people already using Yoroi in their Android phone (:

I now added planned Ledger support for Yoroi. It would be nice if Ledger and Trezor planned support would be announced on the Yoroi website. Now it just states “a hardware wallet integration”.
I did not add the Yandex App for Google Chrome on Android (yet), because there is no (official) support or instruction on the Yoroi website: Google search Yandex

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Hello @FlippyFlink,

First Cardano has a wiki, who knew.

  • Could you move the legend below comparison, for context reasons?

On the next point, I’m going to be picky as there is a huge difference between open and proprietary security, software and hardware.

Yoroi has chosen a HSM that is closed source, complicating the threat model of their wallet.

I would like to see the Cardano wiki make a clear distinction between open and proprietary solutions, but that is me I guess as no one is targeting open software and hardware, yet, so the marketing of this will be uphill.

Nice work you are doing, keep it up.



It was started by forum regulars, you can learn about its history if interested by searching in the forum.

(Sorry for going off-topic, any more posts about the wiki should probably go in new topic.)


@Jotunn I cannot move “Legend” below. I want to, but don’t know how. If I move Legend below “Comparison” Then for some reason the tekst has moved, but the table is still at the bottom. So if someone else could move it (or teach me) … please

Open source: It is my understanding that:

  • Yoroi choose to support both Ledger and Trezor.
  • Ledger is closed source and Trezor open source.
  • Trezor has an auto update service. So if you don’t check the new software in time…
  • The software on which e.g. the open source Daedalus, runs e.g. on top of the closed source Microsoft Windows OS. Thus the risk of faulty software accumulates.

For now I think that open source column is a bridge to far. But feel free to add it (and update future wallets).

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I tried it but the same thing happened and I don’t know how to fix it either. :frowning:

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Nice breakdown!

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Wiki formatting is strange, found the issue though, needed to close the wikitable:


Thanks again for the work you are doing.


@Jotunn Great, thanks!

@Everyone. I highlighted the “Exchanges with wallets” grey. And added “Fiat exchanges without wallets”. So now there are 3 tables. Let me know if I need to add some or make other changes.


One more reason why Cardano community rocks, @FlippyFlink:

2 Likes this wallet also support ADA

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@HASHIDA Thanks. I added to the exchange list.

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I have added Bitcron to the Comparison of Ada wallets also.

Never heard of it, but Google found it at:
You have to pay for outgoing transactions and it supports wallet-sharing.

Please share any good/bad experiences.


Thanks! Yep, agree. We are updating the website during this week.

About Yandex there are already some tutorials out there.

Also I think the list is missing: and (today)