Earlier I wrote that I have installed Daedalus, but was mistaken. I went to download, and found it is not available for iOS. I am on an iPad, so instead installed the Emurgo Yoroi.

Today I ordered a renewed Dell with Win 10, just to be able to have a cold wallet… once ADA can be transferred off the c.c App.

My question is, what happens to the ADA when it is in a cold wallet, that is, does it rise and fall with the market? I have not invested in ANYTHING before, so the concepts are a bit foreign. I suppose the value is the market, when the coins are sold.

What happens if for some reason the cold wallet is inaccessible? All is lost?

There is no back-up, is there? The coins can be in only one place?

Thank you.

How does one make a backup of the coins, since they are in a wallet?

Your funds are always on immutable chain, your wallet is essentially a key that gives you access to your funds. Backing up wallet would mean you back up your keys.
To drill down a level, if you use Daedalus/Yoroi wallets, it gives you seed words (mnemonics) that form the key. In addition, it adds a spending password - which is used to encrypt the key formed using the mnemonics. This ensures that if someone gets access to your wallet device physically, they wont be able to do much in absence of your spending password (think of it as second level authentication in this case).

But essentially - having those seed words carefully saved (safe and secure) is a backup in itself for such wallets.

Shopping for an external wallet, neither the Nano Ledger S nor the Trevor descriptions say specifically that they work with ADA.

I want a cold wallet that connects by USB, not Bluetooth.

Can anyone give suggestions?

Ledger Nano S/X and Trezor Model T wallets work with cardano ( you can connect to them using Yoroi or adalite as front interface).


This may help along the way Emurgo Ledger
Nano S is Micro USB B and the Nano X is USB C/Bluetooth

You may want a Yubikey in your arsenal too.

Trigger, that does help. I am on an iPad. Do you know if Ledger works with iOS?

Ordered a renewed Dell Win 10, but am confused about how I would move ADA to eventually be on a Ledger.

If Ledger works with iOS, that sounds like my most direct approach.

Amazon Ledger description is vague. IPad has micro USB, I think. That is the small port, not a regular USB port, yes?

I need to stay as uncomplicated as possible, or get over my head. Thanks for your help.

Have no clue what a Yubikey is but will Google it. Thanks.

Hey guys,I have one question when shelly release does we still have pool’s and pool operators?Is it hard to become a pool operator?

Yes we will still have pools and operators.

It’s a relative term,difficulty, in any ordinary circumstance I would say it would depend on your technical ability.

However the Cardano team, developers, contributors have put together an extensive library in setting up a node and made it as straight forward as possible.

I’m sure if you had any issues you could ask within the forum and people would help you work through any issues that you may have. :metal: