Conflict with other crypto wallet

Hi, I want to point out that the daedalus wallet conflict with the ravencoin wallet

Could you tell us a bit more? How does it conflict, what are the symptoms?

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In windows 10, they start without error message, but if daedalus wallet complete the sync without problem, the syncing of ravencoin wallet remains blocked until i close daedalus. No error message, non malfunction, but only delay on syncing, i think there is a conflict.

Thanks for explaining, but I doubt whether so many people will want to run both at the same time that anybody’d be willing to spend much time investigating this. You never know though…

We’re seven billions of human in this world, a few milion of this use crypto, I am the first who have do that: are you sure?

Did I say you’re the first? :laughing:

ahi ahi ahi