Conflict with sshd_config

I get this message when I do the 2nd command on the first step of the guide.
I modified the sshd_config file to hold my public ssh key. Not sure if I should replace or maintain the local directory.


I dont think sshd_config can hold a public key… I think you can replace the file

i ran sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config and copied my ssh i got from the
sudo cat ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

I’m pretty sure thats the only time I woulda messed with the file. I kept the local earlier and haven’t ran into any issues.

but why dont you hold the public key in ~/.ssh/authorized_key can you define the params in sshd_config which can hold the public key?

I was following a guide to setup the droplet using ubuntu on a virtual machine here
And I was mistaken. My public key is in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
I changed the port from 22 and disallowed the root used in the sshd_config parameters

ok - so you can leave your version… with these modified data…

Yessir! I was poking around while build the next node and kinda had an “aha!” moment. Thanks for the help!

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