Confused on Staking Process and Flow (Cannot find my registered stake pool too)

Hi, I have managed to register my stake pool yesterday, and I have gotten my pool ID, but I couldn’t see it in the Daedalus Wallet Stake Pools nor anywhere when I tried to search around.

As this is my first time creating the stake pool, other than cannot find my stake pool, I am not sure how I can fulfil the pledge needed for the stake pool. Is it by delegating the ADA in my Daedalus Wallet to my stake pool when I can find it in the Stake Pools?

For the operator’s rewards, will it go to the payment address which the operator has created during the stake pool registration process?

Answers to all my questions above are very appreciated. Thanks.

for the pledge, you decide the amount of ADA you want to pledge, based on the amount of ADA you have on your wallet on BP.
if you want to change our current pledge with new pledge go to
cntools - pool - modify.

for the operator rewards, it is related on the settings you gave the last time you pledge your ADA.
it was asked during the registration or the pledge you have done.

thanks @tsipou for your reply.

May I know what do you mean by BP?

Do you know how to check whether our stake pool is active and people can start delegating to the stake pool?

I will check more on the cntools you mentioned above

For the rewards, the stake pool will automatically distribute it to the delegators’ wallet and operator’s wallet at the end of each epoch yeah?

Thanks again

BP is block producing node. It is the node that will mint blocks if selected. It is the node with your node cert.

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So the wallet on BP is the wallet address which we use to register the stake pool yeah?

Then, how can we know whether our stake pool which already has ID is active and can be found on the Daedalus Stake Pools?