Connecting To Network Forever -> FIXED :D

I found a very easy fix for solving the “connecting to network forever” problem on Windows 10!

I was tinkering around with the wallet and discovered that the connecting to network message would only go on forever if I tried using a shortcut that I pinned to the windows taskbar. When I used the shortcut created by the installer, it worked!

The problem has something to do with the “user account control” message that pops up. when I click on the shortcut pinned to the taskbar, the user account control message does not appear but when I click on the desktop shortcut created by the installer, the message appears and after clicking “yes”, it connects just fine.

so… if you deleted the original shortcut created by the installer, just uninstall and reinstall the program and it should create a desktop shortcut. (I believe there is a box to check during the installation that asks if you want a desktop shortcut and in should be pre-checked already)

All the best!


There’s no need to do that – download the blockchain again!?! – just make a shortcut to daedalus.bat file in the program folder. In my case the target is “C:\Program Files\Daedalus\daedalus.bat”.

Good idea! But with my wallet, there is a glitch. For whatever reason I remain synced with the blockchain after uninstalling and reinstalling the program… I don’t even need a 12 word phase which is somewhat conserning… Check out this…