Contacting a moderator - from a new member

Hi all,

I am DelVal, I have joined the forum last week and would like to be a translator ambassador (French). I have completed most of my profile. Currently, I am creating my Cardano website.

Furthermore, I finished the translation of the Summary: overview with Charles Hoskinson. Then I left a message on the moderators’ section requesting the way forward in creating a French entry in order to upload my translated document; however, I have not received any reply yet.

Can you let me know how I can contact a moderator ?


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You may want to contact @Katsumoto if you would like to translate :slight_smile:


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Thanks, dear.


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Love it :relaxed:im so happy to be a part of cardano, I only heard about them let week as I am extremely new to crypto but the stuff i see cardano doing is a sure fine way to get excited about what ths future may hold

Ada lovelace hehe brilliant :clap: :heart: