[COOL2] New stake pool looking for delegators

Hello, my name is feqifei and I’m enjoying the testnet since last September.
After the good results of COOL pool we are launching COOL2.
Here the reasons that led us through this decision:

  • Since the launch of ITN the COOL pool was managed by myself alone but I realized that in order to provide a 24/7 support and maintenance I need help. While I’m mainly located in Asia a recent friend of mine met in the Telegram Cardano community is based on US east coast so we decided to join forces to provide pool services around the clock in an easier way that will allow us to spare some time for testing and, honestly, to rest a little bit.
  • In order to push our tests and in the meantime to support decentralization we are distributing our pools and passive nodes on different geo locations. Currently our nodes are located on US East Coast and in Europe, China and Singapore. Our plans foresee additional nodes in Japan, South Korea and US West Coast in order to find the best mix of pools and passive nodes for a future implementation on the mainnet.

We’ve already delegated our fADA to the newborn pool COOL2, but we need at least to double the stake in order to be designated for a couple of slots per epoch, prove our reliability and skills and distribute decent rewards like COOL pool is doing daily.
That’s it, feel free to ask questions and support our project through a delegation.

[ COOL2 ]
Fixed fees - 0
Taxes - 6.38%


Glad to see pool operators expanding already, the thing is most of us that are part of this community have waited a very long long time for staking to be realized, we have been through the fud and the minor trials that have come with investing our time into Cardano, so most of us have had an idea of where we would stake our ada for quite some time, with that said I would like to encourage you to develop an approach that onboards new ada hodlers - you should reach out to other crypto community’s and offer them your services - do not be shy about it, its no secret Cardano is rated among the best crypto projects on the planet, other crypto communities will only benefit if their hodlers diversify and realize a return through what :cardano: has to offer them,
tbh much can be said about alternative investments right now as the world economy is at a turning point in history and making a solid pitch to onboard new user’s to adopt Cardano as such would not be a bad idea, you might need to really dig in and put yourself out there to bring new users in, but crypto’s short history should be able to show you that it can be very lucrative to find new users that need your skills to be a part of it.
Good luck!

Stay COOL!


Thanks Haskell-plus for your nice words and suggestions!
Stake COOL :smiley: