Could anonymous pools be better for real decentralization?

I have a feeling, that social media should not be so important as it comes for delegating to pools. I don’t need to read someones blah blah blah why I should choose him and not someone else…

Most important thing is, the pool is technically well operated, which means its just run 24/7 ready to mint blocks and is not over saturated. I don’t check such thing through pool owner’s social media, because on social media I can write everything. Like that my pool is the best in the world.

Its the same as looking for server to play some games like csgo… who cares what is the website of server’s owner. Server is just a server - it has to work smoothly. That’s it.
You have to check given pool stats anyway regardless its social media on for example adapools or I hope so in daedalus in the future, if they add something useful there for it.

So I think, pools should be just checked by some automatic mechanism if they work properly and technical stats like 24/7 vitality, saturation level, amount of minted blocks, pledge, fixed costs and % costs, etc. should be available without any social media involved.
I think then problem with over saturated IOG pools or just saturated known youtubers pools would be gone. Then we could think about real decentralization, because no one would know who’s pool is delegating to. It really doesn’t matter, if the goal is to sustain the whole Cardano block chain working.

More over I think that showing links to the public for all these pools websites can be dangerous in the future. What if someone creates fake pool with website containing some hacking tools, I click it and get hacked? What if I click in daedalus a link thinking I’m opening pools web to read what is their mission, but instead I get some pedophile content?

There is one more thing - trust. By making pools operators known to the public we cause the Cardano system to be about trusting people. But the whole idea of crypto and Cardano is no need to trust to anyone, just pure science, mathematics, smart contracts and computers, so why do we break it with personalized stake pools?

Moved to General Discussiond, as this is not a CIP

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why did you move it? why it is not a cip? “Discuss, comment, and question potential CIPs and Cardano ideas” question about anonymous pools is a cardano idea and question to discuss. its not a potato subject. wtf man?

What you’re describing is more of a feature request for wallet (and has been discussed before) , not a CIP for protocol itself.

Besides, your suggestion could simply mean a single entity spamming 1000 pools gets equal chances and leads further to centralisation - but not sure where do I even start responding :frowning_face:

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ok if this is definition of CIP then be it.

About my proposition. I don’t think it will cause spamming 1000 pools, because we still have pledge. I want pledge to stay but anonymously. Centralization can be caused in my opinion by famous pools. Because people will delegate only to few famous pools. Even with increasing k, there can just be added more famous pools and nothing changes. After large increase of k, we can have 5000 honest pools, but all the time 10 most known entities will be producing blocks. The rest remain empty. With anonymous pools there is more chance for decentralization because of this in my opinion.