Created a new Yoroi Wallet for my Nephew

Today, I helped my nephew setup a wallet on Yoroi for iOS and I sent him a few :ada: to better understand a blockchain transaction. I felt like I was preparing him for the future and that felt really good.


Great to teach kids about money while they’re still young such as eating a percent of the ice cream you buy them as tax. What is his understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain? My friend’s kids thinks of it as un-copy-paste-able future v-bucks not limited on a single program. Next thing you know they’ll be watching charts and making triangles.

That actually is very cool :sunglasses:!
The best uncle you would be :slight_smile:

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Problem is that, for now it is just number in some mobile app, if you gave them $13 they would be able to do something with it.

i don’t see a problem teaching a child something other than instant gratification. it’s not about what they can get ‘right now’, it’s about putting away something earned today for some time in the future.

the idea isn’t to do something with that $13 (aren’t those “just numbers” too?) … it’s letting those “just numbers” be.

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It was a great teaching moment. As soon as I tried to send him the :ada: I entered the wrong local password. So, I deleted my wallet and showed him how the value was never really on my phone and could easily be recovered with my seed phrase. Honestly, he will probably lose his seed phrase and those 164 :ada: will be gone forever, but when he starts his junior year of Calculus maybe he will see the connection between math and crypto. I may have planted the seed for him to change the finance world one day.

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