Created pool with incorrect tax ratio, how to fix?

Created my pool after some long work hours and messed up on the tax ratio. Was ready to go back and recreate the stakepool cert but I’m reading there is a new method to update the pool fees. I haven’t found any documentation so any help would be appreciated. My stake pool ticker is ORION and we’re only listed under small pools at (haven’t gotten 10 epochs yet). Thanks for any help!

This new method is not available yet. So you have to go the long way…

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I’ve been running into issues with sending my pledge back to my rewards wallet. Apparently looking at the block explorer and using the address that I sent my pledge on won’t work when sending from the stake node.

that metadata link won’t work as tax ratio was in creation of the stakepool cert? It looks like I’ll have to go back and create another stakepool cert, I just need to get my pledge funds back first.

i tested it before i created my stakepool. i transfered some ada from my daedalus rewards wallet to my new owner address (pledge) and back again with the private key. after that i sent the bigger value over to my pledge address. worked a few weeks ago.