Creating a second Yoroi wallet

I have a Yoroi wallet, protected by a Trezor T where I hold my ADA. I have created a second wallet using this welcome new capability in Yoroi and correctly written down its name, password and recovery phrase. But I see that this new wallet is described as Standard, not as Trezor. My original wallet shows as a Trezor wallet. So, if I am understanding correctly, only my original wallet is protected by my Trezor and my new one is not. Is this really so? Glad for any advice.

Really hoping for a response.

So: if a wallet is tagged Standard, not Trezor, it is safe to assume that it’s not Trezor-protected.

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OK, not using it, just keeping it and empty.

If you restore your wallet with Trezor, then it’s Trezor-protected

If you create your own 15-word recovery phrase, then it’s not Trezor-protected and it’s up to you to keep your recovery phrase safe.

I think what you’re really looking for is multi-account support (being able to have multiple accounts from the same Trezor device). This is not currently supported by Yoroi

Yes! That’s what I was hoping for! Never mind, not urgent. Thanks for the exact response Sebastien.