CrowdFunding World Mobile AirNode's

Is it an idea to crowdfund new World Mobile AirNodes to speed up the World Mobile roll out?

The World Mobile CEO was talking an AirNode costing around $5000 and that the return of investment is around 2 years in a village of around 300 people.

The plan is that local (buisiness) people will own, operate and profit from AirNodes. For some local people however $5000 could be too much money.

Maybe World Mobile could coördinate a crowdfunding scheme where investors can invest by lending out there cryptocurrency or fiat money to fund the $5000 and get interest in return, like say 10% per year or so.

  • / Cardano = Create smart contract(s) to tie World Mobile, AtalaPrism identities, Meld lending and borrowing and the AdaX exchange together.
  • = Securely and non-custodial lend & borrow both crypto and fiat currencies on Cardano. Lenders can tie their crypto to the crowdfunding.
  • = A non-custodial decentralized exchange on Cardano. The periodically paid out interest in World Mobile Tokens can be directly converted to the crypto/stablecoin of choice.
  • = OccamRazer: For decentralized fundraising.
  • = The crowdfunding coördinator of borrowers (and lenders). They seek out (trustworthy) local buisiness people to connect their AtalaPrism identity to the crowdfunding. They can make templates per AirNode owner or combine multiple owners in bigger funds to spread risk of the borrowers. Maybe funds per region or other criteria. Conflict area’s may be a higher risk. There could be different interest rates depending on the risk for that fund. If the AirNode owner/brrower chooses a template where the loan is paid of as soon as possible then the interest fee can be lower. But when a higher inerest rate is choosen by the borrower he/she can get income starting from day 1 (and not after 2 years). Thus repaying the lender less per month. With that income maintenance of the AirNode can also be paid if neccesary. WorldMobile can provide the AirNodes after the borrower sucesfully got funded.

In this scenario World Mobile and IOG do the upfront preparation and heavy lifting. In combination with Occam, the non-custodial Meld and AdaX platform the risk is decentralized only between the borrowers and lenders. As long as the pre-financed AirNode is running, the interest is automatically paid out.


I posted this post August 3 and this was just released today, August 10, 2021:
World Mobile partnered with MELD and MELD partnered with Adax.
Did this post had anything to do with that?
World Mobile <> MELD : The Last Mile Blog — New partnership with MELD
MELD <> Adax :

Who knows?

One things for sure; according to what you said and the developments occuring, sooner or later it would happen.

Nevertheless, spot on. :clap:


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Thankyou so much for sharing this post. We need this kind of contribution. I would like to share crowdfunding platforms in Europe, these platforms can help to raise fund.