Crypto Colony Pool loyalty program

Hello Cardano community.

We have been running Crypto Colony Pool for almost ten months and since we still have not been able to increase our stake to the value of producing blocks on a regular basis, we have decided to create a loyalty program to attract more delegators and reward all who hold with us and support our mission.

So we just released our own NFT collection called Crypto Colonists. First four pieces can be obtained simply by loyal delegating to Crypto Colony Pool for a certain amount of epochs. First NFTs has been already distributed. If you are our delegator, check your wallet! :blush:

  • 25 epochs of delegating - NFT #1 Newbie
  • 50 epochs of delegating - NFT #2 Recruit
  • 75 epochs of delegating - NFT #3 Colonist
  • 100 epochs of delegating - NFT #4 Unique Colonist

If you like Crypto Colonist, you can also purchase some on marketplace (swap “instant swap” button inside) and thus support our educational mission. Each Colonist has a unique story, have fun reading it!

Complete rules and more info at the links below:

policy ID: df219132e97396d2b7532202d87746f6f00182b261f4a26bd1ae6781

Project website:

Let me know if you like it! Cheers.