Crypto Currency Vs. The Digital Dollar

What’s stopping the Digital dollar to come behind Crypto Currencies and take the best from each one
*If that were to be possible. I imagine it’s probably a give take type creation.

But if it did a really good job what does that mean for the future of private currencies?

What if The Government being supportive of the free market accepted cryptocurrencies at the $5 denomination and below point?

Something following the idea of the expression “what even cost a dollar now a days?”

This question is inspired by the name “Litecoin”. The term Lite. Meaning Not the original. a bit less than the whole.

In the convenient stores they usually only charge transaction fees on stuff $5 and less.

*and then there’s the argument that cryptocurrencies somewhat answer this question in regards to “what can you buy for a dollar now a days?” — the fight against inflation