Crypto Knowledge vs. Crypto Experience

This reminded me of the journey of every crypto-enthusiast.

In the beginning, we accumulate a bunch of isolated dots of knowledge, but we don’t really understand how all the dots are connected. We don’t know which dots are unique to Cardano and which dots are shared by all blockchains. So, we don’t really know how to effectively differentiate between value that is truly unique to Cardano vs. value that is inherent in all blockchains.

Then we start connecting the dots. This is when we start seeing parallels between blockchains. We realize that many blockchains accomplish similar goals, but they use different labels for their methods and processes. Our awareness expands to encompass more than the wallet functionality to include deeper development processes and governance procedures. We realize that even when similar functionality may exist, the human intentions and governance protocols become even more important for the long-term success of the system than the gossip and consensus protocols that push bits and bytes around the network.

Does anybody else have any interesting insights and experience to share about this journey from isolated knowledge dots to interconnected experience/intelligence? I think this would be interesting for newbies to learn from us because it would help them gauge how far along they are in their own crypto-journeys.


great post. (again!)

you omitted a couple of categories which you have a lot of:



@TheViking Very interesting graphs! I like those even better than the ones I posted. They show us that “insight” is like intuitive flashes of awareness that often seem to emerge randomly (but of course they’re not really random). In contrast, “wisdom” illuminates the optimal path across the network of knowledge dots.

Also, thank you for the kind comment. :slight_smile: