Crypto scam alert

FYI on this. I don’t believe it is Cardano specific but a good read on things to watch out for. Always double check your send to address:


Update any Ada related scams here:


I look through various cryptocurrency forums from time to time and noticed that there are many topics about scam sites. And it is great that people share this info, so other crypto users won’t use such sources. But what about checking and protection? Recently I’ve found out about a Crypto Scan Checker that helps to detect scams and the legit websites. Frankly speaking, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to. What about you, guys? Do you use apps/progs/software to find out whether the chosen site is legit or not?

OK, so you share a link to a short, uninformative article about a different site that you could have linked directly, but that site is useless anyway because the database was last updated Jan 31, 2018. Great contribution Melanie! You’re not an affiliate by any chance? :grin:

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I’m not an affiliate. I shared a link where I found this scam checker, and I wrote that I haven’t tried it yet.

OK, but it seemed a little strange that you’d post about something you hadn’t even looked at.