Crypto security and custodial solution

As there has been some debate about security being an obstacle to mass adoption on the forum in the past, I thought this product would be of interest to some as an example of the kinds of solutions we will be seeing more of. It’s not for me but may be good for others.

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Speaking of security I met the CEO of this company last night:

Pretty cool stuff.

so you were at the dlab meetup too :slight_smile:

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LOL yes I was! Got to shake Charles’s hand too!

Apparently that Rivets tech is already baked into the ARM processors of most modern Android cell phone it just needs to be turned on.

into some headsets it is, but pretty soon all of them will have some kind of hsm.

you should hop on telegram we asked him to come for burgers and whatnot before the meetup and he showed up!

also dont forget the DIY that guy that announced his project, looks very cool

Lol that guy was me!


Thanks for the shout out though! What telegram group did you guys use pre meet up? We’re trying to plan the next Cardano NYC meetup now.

The official one:

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