Crypto with PayPal

This is huge news today! I really hope we can get ADA on the list of available currencies.

What do you all think about this? This is super exciting!

Hopefully the Cardano foundation and IOHK are getting teams together to lobby PayPal for inclusion. This would be a massive success for the entire Cardano ecosystem


Maybe, but they have not made Coinbase, so i don’t think this will be any easier?

I’m not very excited because people can only buy, hold and sell crypto from the account. You can’t move it anywhere and you can’t purchase things with it.

I think my funds have to be in my pocket not in PayPal or other third party payment systems like the banks.
If PayPal will hold your ADA what different between ADA and Fiat?
And again send to PayPal tons of proofs for increase sending limit or next attempt to remove limits applied to my account while PayPal using my locked money with smile on face.