Cryptocurrencies that will last (Cardano #1)?

Question for you all …

In your opinion, which cryptocurrencies are positioned to survive the bubble, and last into the future?

I’ve been interested in alt-coins for a while now, and was blown away by Cardano. The roadmap, the whitepaper, the team … the inability of skeptics to poke major holes in it all – If the goals that have been set are achieved, and it’s widely adopted, it’s hard to actually fathom what the future could hold for Cardano and ADA.

Accepting that, what other cryptocurrencies get you excited? If it’s not sacrilege to discuss such things on a Cardano specific site, I’d love to hear your opinions on this topic.

One that stands out to me: IOTA … While I’m aware of the recent drama surrounding it, the fact that it’s not actually a blockchain, and that it’s end-game is in the future, with M2M transactions excites me. Scalable, different, and pushing boundaries with the future in mind. To me, that’s the type that can survive when the market settles, and the bubble bursts.


I feel the need to add that it seems evident that there are many coins that have people excited that simply won’t last when this hype dies down. They don’t necessarily do anything better than coins that already exist. They might do it a little different, or do it exactly the same but are branded a little differently. But I don’t believe there will be ten or fifteen successful coins that serve the exact same function, when all is said and done. So, for that reason, I’m looking to find the ones that stand out as doing something different/better. One’s that are taking steps forward.

Looking at past tech booms, there are always major players that survive, and thrive afterwards. Who might that be, out of the cryptocurrencies that are currently available, or soon to be released?

I’m glad I started learning about all of this recently. And bummed out that it took me so long to jump on board. It’s fascinating stuff. I look forward to reading your opinions.

To me, its not necessarily the coin but the use of the coin. So far most crypto’s cater for a tech savvy audience, I think those which break down the barriers of use the most and integrate into everyday life in the simplest way will win. Saying that there are many audiences to cater for from high level banking to kids playing online games so the protocol has to be extremely adaptable if its going to cater to both niche and mass appeal simultaneously.

I agree on catering to everyday life, and the average person, as crucial. That’s why, personally, I love Daedalus. It’s simple. It’s really not hard to understand, or use. And it will eventually serve a variety of functions. I like that.

Now, I often admit my ignorance on this topic (cryptocurrencies in general), so I apologize if I sound foolish with anything I say. But I always get a little confused with certain cryptocurrencies that set up parameters and uses specific to an industry, and create their own coin, when they could set up the same framework and use a currency like ADA within it for the same function.

Couldn’t TRON (TRX), for instance, do what they’re trying to do, using the framework that connects creators directly to other creators, distributors, and the audience, but using any larger cryptocurrency within that framework? What is the need to actually create a coin/currency specific to the entertainment industry? It’s the structure and use of it that makes it special, not the coin it’s self, in my mind. Whereas ADA seems to be a coin that’s structured for a variety of uses, and serves no specific industry/purpose at it’s most basic level.

I don’t know – maybe I’m failing to understand something crucial here. My degree is in film … not computer science, or economics, or anything relevant to cryptocurrencies.

I think at the moment we are in the same stages as the early Internet bubble so we are seeing the equivalents of where any niche can be hyped quickly and raise lots of money.

The flip side is, as the saying goes “do one thing and do it well”.

My thoughts are that just randomly throwing blockchains and decentralization at any old issue doesn’t actually solve any major problems.

I think new business models will emerge which will integrate in ways we cannot imagine yet, so in terms of longevity the focus should be on the flexibility, security and scalability of the framework and from this amazing things will happen, anything else is probably premature and not ready for real world use as yet.

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Flexibility, security, and scalability as points of importance is something I certainly agree with. Any thoughts on which crypto’s meet this standard (or plan to do so), beyond Cardano?

Honestly I remain sceptical on most other large coins at the moment. I am looking forward to following projects like Mobilecoin to see if the mass market is ready or not.

I admit it is difficult to be fully objective on the various coins when value not utility is the number one measure of success at the moment.


Personally, I believe that Verge has something very good going on. I know this won’t be the coin that EVERYONE and their granny use. However, they care about privacy and they are doing it well. I could see it being a coin that the “tinfoil community” uses most. And that community is larger than most think.


Interesting, I bought some XVG after McAfee’s tweet and rode it up a bit, before dumping. Part of why I dumped for the time being was because I wonder, with coins like Verge, whether or not it’ll last when this current influx of money stops. There’s crazy speculative cash coming in, so pretty much any alt-coin that present it’s self well is seeing some growth. But I noticed McAfee listed Verge, Monero, Zcash, and has since also mentioned SAFEX as all serving the function of being a privacy coin. That, again, makes me wonder: when the bubble bursts, which will come out on top? Or is there space for them all?


I think for the time being, there is space for all of them. Privacy coins shouldn’t be hit by the crash as much as the others. Because those that are getting into these coins understand more of the tech that is behind them and they are in for the long run. These are just my personal thoughts. Btw, I tipped my barber in XVG yesterday. Set him up with a wallet on his phone and shot it over in a few minutes.


That’s great, thanks for the insight!

My best successes in trading/investing in cryptocurrencies so far have come from simply listening, and reading, a variety of personal opinions on forums, on reddit, and via Youtube. That’s how I found Cardano. Discussions like this one help me a great deal in forming opinions – and challenging my existing ones.

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