Cubic:cubic in the remote peer section

Hello guys,
My BP and one of the relays shows the following in the remote peers section
Please see attached
Can someone explain what that means ?

Update: I still not sure what that was. Rebooted both nodes and it is back to normal.

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Has anyone else experienced this?

I noticed my block producing node missed a block and found my relay node listing the same peers as above

I have the same on my BP! image|544x325
Any idea? I am worry about it.

I have the same thing - no idea what it means, but i have also dropped the producer address on the relay node. Is it somehow trying to connect to itself?

+1 same here

In the block producer, I also see connections being dropped to the relay. Makes sense it misses the block producing being the slotleader. Missed one again a few hours ago.

IPs: [] Application Exception: MuxError (MuxIOException Network.Socket.recvBuf: resource vanished (Connection reset by peer)) “(recv errored)”
IPs: [] Closed socket to
IP ErrorPolicySuspendPeer (Just (ApplicationExceptionTrace (MuxError (MuxIOException Network.Socket.recvBuf: resource vanished (Connection reset by peer)) “(recv errored)”))) xs xs
Restarting Subscription after x.xs desired valency 1 current valency 0

For cubic:cubic :issue please see

Also had this issue as well only on one of my relay nodes which I sorted by rebooting.

I rebooted it and it goes out, but it appears again after some time.