CutyMals is cute animals NFT on Cardano - Feedback wanted!

Hello dear Cardanians,

today i want to use the chance to present you our CutyMals NFT project.

What is a CutyMal

CutyMals are cute, special and unique NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain. There are 56515 CutyMals everyone with a unique name. There only exists one CutyMal which has your name! It’s based on 135 cute looking animals, which exist as 3D models and can later be used for a CutyMalWorld. Each CutyMal has special traits like the view direction, it’s gender, the color of the inner background, the material of the outer circle and even special backgrounds exist!

Why 56515 and not 10.000 ?

Well it’s just a number, and we dont want to copy. We decided to go with 55515 in the beginning because we had so much unique male and femal names available. But in time of gender diversity we found that outdated and added 1000 diverse CutyMals which have Mx. instead of Mr. and Mrs. and a randomly selected name.
Thats how we came to 56515 CutyMals and all are special!

Why get a CutyMal?

NFTs are a unique invention of our time. With CutyMals we want to contribute to the growth of Cardano. CutyMals are for everyone.The higher number of 56515 CutyMals based on 135 unique animals allows us to create big variation without sacrificing the uniquness of the CutyMals!
CutyMals are for everyone, start looking now!
Find the CutyMal with your name!

Questions and Discussion

We started the project two months ago and launched the minter last week. Since then we also have a presence on Twitter. We see a lot of “hype” projects where we got the feeling someone with a community just copied something and it’s being hype because some people might win “money”. Unfortunately most of them are worthless after some days.
We want to be different in such that we want to create a value and are open for proposals of where to go with the project. As mentioned above it’s also possible to create a CutyMals World in which you can view the CutyMals owned or even interact with them. At the moment we are at the stage of CutyMals are created and they are mintable.

  1. How do you like the idea of CutyMals ?
  2. How is our Webpage, are you able to discover the CutyMals ? Are you missing something ?
  3. Where would you like the project to go ?
  4. If we create a CutyMals World, would you opt that we create it as open source project ?

Looking forward to your feedback! If you like what we do, we would be happy about a new twitter follower. Follow us.