Daedalus addresses


When I restore a paperwallet from seed will Daedalus show all addresses where I have some ADA or does it work more like Metamask and it will only show one address even if you have funds in more addresses which are derived from the seed and you have to create the additional addresses manually to see those funds?


When you restore Daedalus wallet (regardless of whether it was paper or not), funds on used addresses will automatically show once the wallet restore (process of scanning utxos associated with your wallet) completes.

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How does this exactly work internally — how is the logic?

You can check basics here and drill down further using links at end of corresponding sections.

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I read the information within the link, but it does not provide an answer. It just tells me something about the specifications but not what Daedalus does to find the to the seed associated addresses.

As I said , you could drilldown to details as required. The HD wallets section points to address derivation further from seed. Direct link here :slight_smile:

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I did, but maybe I don’t get it. Do I not have to guess now what Daedalus does in order to find the associated addresses? Aren’t there multiple options of what it could do in order to find the associated addresses?

That Wiki explains how it gets to address from seed, the encryption algorithm as well as what derivation schemes are used.

Not sure what you mean here, but multiple addresses can be derived using combination of account and address index.

If this is still unclear, could you expand your question with details and perhaps example and what you’re looking for ?