Daedalus - CPU intensive? What specs will improve synch time?

General question on choosing a more performant system for running Daedalus.

Is Daedalus CPU intensive?
Would a system that has a CPU with a higher max turbo (4.8 GHz) compared to what I currently have (2.7 GHz) make for faster sync’ing? I could also aim for more cores.

Take it as a given that I’ve got an undeterrable desire to run my own full node Daedalus software. :slight_smile: I’m happy to spend some money upgrading my hardware situation in order to do so.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Some Updated Info with Daedalus now running on a pretty powerful workstation. Near similar performance to an Intel Nuc.

CPU: 2x → Xeon E5-2670 @ 2.60GHz (each @ 8 Cores/16 Logical Processors)
RAM: 384 Gb
OS: Fedora 35 Workstation

I’d have thought that my workstation would be able to mercilessly chew through the synch’ing but after 24 hours trying to sync 9 wallets it’s still at 94’ish percent. Previous Version of Daedalus was able to handle 30 wallets on an Intel NUC that had 32 gb ram… granted it nearly killed the NUC & I had to add the wallets a few at a time after the previously added wallets were fully sync’d.

Screenshot from 2022-02-08 10-50-34