Daedalus Flashing RED

So I have the Daedalus Wallet ( 0.12.0# running with the screen open whilst I’m using the pc.
(Windows 10 environment)
However it’s been intermittently flashing Red.
I can’t see any msg since the flash is so quick.
So the question is, could this be caused by poor internet access, or with the new wallet can transactions be requested to be sent /requested via a backend process, remote API call or something similar and my password is protecting my funds and a warning is being sent.
Hopefully I’m just paranoid, lol

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This is what you are missing:

I suspect this happens when you are coming out of some level of energy saving, or simply clock drift.


Thank you for the quick response

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I got that as well. I just went to the network status option and click the clock link. It then went and reset the time to within spec.

I use a Mac and Daedalus does the red flash while I have 900 Mbps internet.

This would happen to me in the middle of syncing at times. I just exited Deadalus and then reopened it and it worked fine.

Thanks for all the additional info, I went to the following link and have reset my time and have not seen any red today.