Daedalus huge ram consumption, bg processes and strange publisher

Daedalus downloded from Cardano Hub site, my OS is Windows 10.

Why does Daedalus use so much ram? In my case is over 240MB for daedalus and 140MB for Cardano node and launcher.
And why there are 4 background processes named “electron” with Daedalus logo on it?
Why after lunching it says it is IOHK as a publisher, but when it is working it is labeled as Eureka Solutions LLC publisher?

I have the wallet. I just checked Task manager. I see ‘electron’ as well. It’s normal. See here: https://electronjs.org/

The RAM usage is strange. Mine is at 33MB. And you should not have 4 “Electrons”. Sounds like you’ve opened the application multiple times. I’d end the processes and start it up again after a reboot.

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After multipple reboots there are still 4 electron processes. I will uninstall Daedalus and install it again.

Good plan of action.

It didn’t help. Same storry 4 “electrons”.

Where are Daedalus and Cardano node files stored on Windows? After deleting it from program files and install again a full node was not even syncing an my wallet was there. So it must have been somwhere else on my PC. How toremove it completly after deinstalation? Where are the files?

You have to delete a special bit of code, not just the application, you’ll find it forum somewhere.

Not great if you are in North Korea and you want to get rid ASAP but hey ho

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Thanks. I’m not from North Korea so it’s ok.
I’m mainly concern about my ram ussage and don’t want to many processes on my PC.
I will look for that bit of code.

Thanks again Paddington.