Daedalus Mainnet issue

I have an issue during install/sync of DM. But I’m not posting in Comm Tech Supp, I’m not looking for support, this is just a heads-up for other installers.

It seemed much slower than I was expecting, on track to take around 6-8 hours. But then I opened the Diagnostics screen, and the percent done figure there was much higher. If that’s correct, then I’ll be quite happy, but of course I won’t know until it completes. At the moment the main screen figure is about 21%, on Diagnostics it’s 38%, so quite a big difference.

I’ve submitted a support request.

The process seems bottlenecked by the specs of my older laptop, with the cpu pretty near maxxed out all the time.

Hey @RobJF,
Is it the wallet restoration percentage thats 21% or the node sync process? As once it finds your existing wallet , it goes through restoration process which is essentially mapping UTXO history with the local chain state, and is expected to be behind the node sync %.

Ofcourse, the speed mentioned does sound pretty slow indeed. One of the things I was checking with a friend was that they were synching against a node (checked via netstat) that gave them low latency, and restarting landed him on different IP (the nslookup against relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io would show you a number of relay nodes).

Another thing to check perhaps as a test while you’re synching would be Windows defender/Antivirus - if it could be slowing things down?

(Sorry: I understand you are probably not looking for support, but I still went ahead and asked this just for having complete picture)

Hi Priyank, I don’t know exactly what it signifies, that 21% figure is the one that’s displayed by default during the process. But it seems like it was the higher figure shown on the Diagnostics screen that was more accurate, because the process completed well within four hours. It was during my lunch time, I wasn’t checking, could have been as low as three, even a little less than that! I guess I could check logs but it doesn’t seem worth the trouble now. Thanks for your input.

Hi @RobJF which OS and version do you use?

Hi Andy, it’s Win 10 Home.

That should be sufficient. I’ll leave it to the professionals! Good luck.

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Got this reply from IOHK Technical Service Desk:

This is actually not an issue, it is expected. Those are two different types of synchronization: 1) the node is syncing with the blockchain and 2) the wallet(s) is syncing with the blockchain - this is what those two percentage values mean and that is why they are different.

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