Daedalus not syncing wallet after rollingback system

I rolled back my machine, and might have caused issues with the wallet in the process. Might also not be syncing because of my firewall settings. In your documentation they mention deleting the chain and wallets folder. I have deleted the chain folder, but want to make sure I’m deleting the right wallet folder. On Linux is ~/.daedalus the default location for the wallets folder?

In case this syncing issue is caused by my firewall which ports do I need to make sure to open?

Ok, wallet is resyncing. I get a bunch of socket errors. That might just be from deleting the chain data.

[Odin:cardano.node.LocalErrorPolicy:Error:60] [2021-09-28 20:37:07.49 UTC] IP LocalAddress “” ErrorPolicyUnhandledApplicationException (MuxError MuxBearerClosed “<socket: 53> closed when reading data, waiting on next header True”)

Do I just need to open those sockets on my firewall? UDP is right?

53 is the DNS port