Daedalus on a Chromebook

Just been pondering using a chromebook for Daedalus. I seem to recall Philippe of TCE mentioning the idea and have seen that these devices can run linux apps now, so assume it’s feasible. Anybody succeeded in doing so yet? If anyone has, I’d be glad of any pointers, or opinions. Cheers.

You can if your Chromebook has the Linux (beta) toggle in settings.

Once you have Linux toggled on, you can launch the Linux Terminal app and run the instructions on the official Daedalus download page.


Oh, it’s that simple?! Thank you for that.:pray:

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Your posted prompted me to try it. I’ve been solely using the Yoroi Chrome extension. Like others that use Daedalus, I’m still syncing and I have no idea if it is stuck or what.

Thanks for prompting me to try it. Also, I have a rather rare Intel based Chromebook which is pretty fast on the CPU side and wasn’t cheap. And still syncing…

While synching you can open “network status” or “block consolidation status” to get a better idea whats happening.