Daedalus pledge against a pool does not update instantly

I have my stake set at 3000 but daedalus says 50k as my pledge amount. Does this take time to update or is there another location I need to go to than cntools to change that amount?


Check if the pledge was updated on pooltool.io, pool.pm or adapools.org, etc


Hey thanks man! I found out it was another pool with the same ticker! Lol. What’s the processing time for a pool to show up on Daedalus?

Should not take so much but it’s known that Daedalus has a sync delay


Updated your title as this has nothing to do with CNTools, but the amount of time taken by SMASH server component (and polling from Daedalus), which has been a terrible design on cardano-wallet+smash end in my opinion (unlike community tools referred above).